Need for Speed: Pro Street

Need for Speed: ProStreet (NFS:PS) is the latest installment of Electronic Arts’ popular racing game series Need for Speed. On May 21, 2007, Electronic Arts published a teaser trailer of ProStreet, and was then officially announced ten days later on May 31, 2007. It is due to be released worldwide in November 2007.

The demo, featuring two races, one speed challenge and one grip race, appeared on Xbox Live on October 26, 2007, and on PlayStation Store on November 1, 2007.

Need for Speed: ProStreet will take the Need for Speed series in a new direction of gameplay. Instead of an arcade style of gameplay which has dominated the series, ProStreet will focus much more on realism and move closer to, but not into, racing simulation, and still with options to use driving assistants to make driving easier and more arcade-like. Unlike its predecessors, all racing in ProStreet will take place on closed tracks, thus making it the first game in the series not animating illegal racing behaviour since Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed, hence there will not be any police in the game. Performance tuning will take up a large part of gameplay in a way that even a small adjustment of the shape of a car’s body will impact its performance. Autosculpt is back from Carbon, but with much greater detail. According to an Electronic Arts employee, there will be thousands of aftermarket upgrades, visual and performance, from real performance brands.

In ProStreet there will be several different game modes, including Drag, Grip, Speed, and Drift. Drag race is simply a 1-mile drag race, the first to cross the finish line wins. Grip race, which is a circuit race, you do whatever you need to do, to cross the finish line first. Block your opponent, ram them, or even smash them off the track. Speed challenge is all about speed and control, you need to pass the checkpoints with highest possible speed, and the racer with the highest total checkpoint speed wins. Drift, you just drift for points.

ProStreet will feature next-generation graphics aiming for a more photo-realistic feel, and more advanced physics. It will also be the first Need for Speed game to include damage modelling since 2000’s Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed. The new damage system is said to be very accurate, as a collision with any object in the game world may render a car damaged or even useless.

Also, in accordance to the fact that Autosculpting any body parts will impact performance, these changes can be tested in an enclosed chamber marked as the “Wind Tunnel”. Your car is placed in the Wind Tunnel and artificial winds are created, giving you your performance on the track. You can use this to tune your car to your liking.

The new ProStreet will also feature an advanced damage system, which will directly impact on your car’s performance, unlike previous Need for Speed titles. This is especially significant in the Speed racing mode, as you can easily “total” your car.

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