Burnout Paradise

Very Cool Game From EA!!!!According to Alex Ward from developer Criterion Games, this game will be a “complete reinvention” of the Burnout series. He also said “To create truly next-generation gameplay, we needed to create a truly next-generation game, from top to bottom.” Despite being in an open-world, the game still retains the high 60 frames per second frame rate most Burnout games have used. However, compromises such as the lack of day and night cycles and weather conditions have been made. Records will now be kept on player’s drivers licenses and there will be statistics such as fastest time and biggest crash for every street in the game.bopar_x360.jpgMany features of Burnout Paradise are being reworked and adapted to offer a next-generation gameplay. Crash mode has been renamed to Showtime mode. Now, instead of having preset junctions and predetermined traffic patterns, the player may crash in any location in the world, pull both triggers on their controller and activate Showtime mode. Showtime mode can also be activated during events such as Road Rage and Race, even when online. Also, races are no longer specific lengths and types. Races are simply started by pulling up at any of the 120 traffic lights around Paradise City. Multiple settings have been confirmed to be fully customisable such as:

  • “Boost Rules” – The player may choose Burnout 1, Point of Impact, Takedown or Revenge style Burnout meters.
  • Traffic Checking – Can be turned off so players may not strike and utilise traffic travelling in the same direction as the player as a weapon.
  • Whether there is traffic in the event.
  • Start and finish points for events with up to 16 checkpoints.

The damage system is also being reworked. There are now two different types of crash based on the condition of the car after the crash. If the player’s car manages to retain all four wheels, the player may drive out of the crash and continue playing. If a player’s car loses its wheels, the car is in a “wrecked” state and the player will have to wait until their car is reset. Cars can also be torn into several pieces, be compressed and deform around objects as you crash into them. However, Alex Ward confirmed in the Official Crash FM podcast that cars may not be ripped in half as concept pictures and early information stated.Cars now have manufacturer and model names, which are loosely based on real-world cars but are mostly fictional. Cars may also not be “tuned up” or customised apart from color changes, which may be done in real-time by driving through the forecourt of a paint shop which will randomly assign a color to the car. Other real-time changes include driving through the forecourt of a petrol station to automatically refill your Burnout meter, and driving through the forecourt of a repair shop to automatically repair your car, allowing you to extend a Road Rage event beyond the car’s damage limits.

~ by darkdestroyer on September 11, 2007.

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